Welcome- this is were I share articles, posts, book and workshop/conferences reviews, and the page with links to additional material for each business book that I published since 2013 (more details on my business experience).

Main focus of this website: cultural/organizational change and digital transformation, with articles, reviews of books and workshops/webinars/software, links to my own books.

There are (way too?) many options on the left-hand side: if you do not know which one to select, why don't you just have a look at the latest articles published, and then let serendipity guide you?

My online presence? As soon as the www was added (actually, even before, as I had an account also on Compuserve).

First domain registered? As soon as it was economically feasible from Europe, in 1997, prconsulting.com, but actually online on various open resources since 1993.

You can see on the left-hand side various menu items, each covering one of the threads within my activities.

To make a long story short and let the material speak by itself: I started in political activities in Europe while still in high school in Italy, then my first job was within a multinational consulting company.

I am used to keep following two main business lines.

In the past is was difficult to explain, so I had settled for my motto above (and on Linkedin): "change with and without technology", right now that awareness is with us, I can say "cultural/organizational change and digital transformation".

Due to my past political activities, since the late 1980s I was often involved (or charged with) negotiation and facilitation activities, and therefore I would dare to say that cultural anthrophology and political science (with a whiff of long-term cross-domain thinking, what is now called "sustainability") is an integral part of my activities.

How do you do that? Permanent learning. And permanent learning implies permanent liistening, thinking, writing, sharing (my first train-the-trainer activities were when I was still in high school, ditto for the first ghost writing and speech writing/campaigning/event organization roles).

If you want to contact me, I can be reached on facebook.com/berlindiaries

If you want to contact me for business propositions, please do visit my company website, change-robertolofaro.it

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