This website is an entry point to various publications that I posted online since 2007, from mere comments to articles and books or multimedia.

Each section of this site is, was, or will be an independent publishing platform with a specific target audience- hence, the choice of connecting here all the dots, while leaving each publication were the audience his (e.g. most of my comments are either on Facebook or Linkedin).

As in Italy, where I had to return few years ago, I recently received only "tremendous opportunities" that would not generate enough revenue to make independent choices, but would anyway use my experience, skills, and connections, I see no future but to relocate elsewhere and, meanwhile, reposition.

Therefore, except for few articles on political and social marketing that I wrote both in Italian and English, any further publication will be in the only language that would allow direct access to the largest potential audience.

My "copyright" policy is quite simple: use as you please, provided that you share it around and name the source, and, if feasible, quote the source also within the material that reuses it.

If you have suggestions, feed-back, updates on anything that is posted within this website or any of the connected links, please feel free to contact me on my social networking profiles.

How can you find me? Simple- google "Roberto Lofaro".

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