Why Theatralis.net? As a side-effect of my first (late 1990s) support to an online start-up merging arts and new media.

My idea was simple: create a community for Italian performing artists and assorted creatives, and I met on my road a couple of contacts in Turin who, coming from the PR part of an exhibition entity, wanted to set up a website with a slightly different target: art galleries.

Their aim was to offer both a directory and web design services- instead, I proposed a business model and architecture that was based on a simple concept, that I saw while being in that environment (art galleries, artists, etc.) for a while: those who are open to technological innovations would have already found somebody in their circles that they trusted, and trying to force them to shift to an untried, untested, unknown entity, would remove from the audience those that the new website would need most, i.e. galleries and artists that had already something somewhere else, but not a directory.

To make a long story short: I did business and marketing plan, coaching on marketing and technology, plenty of other "backstage communication and marketing" work... but never saw a penny (creative accounting in Italy is quite creative), also if, after failing to pay what was due in phase one... the two founders tried an encore (I accepted- the "second chance"), but then... even a third one!

When, few years later, an artist from abroad asked for names of artist agencies in Italy, I researched libraries, bookstores, etc... and was surprised by the lack of a coherent yet simple and straightforward list that contained just what asked, instead of trying to be everything to everybody.

So, as I was by then living in Brussels, slightly more than 1.5 hours by train to Paris, and I had had time in London in that environment too, and I was going to settle into a permanent job that would leave some spare time while forcing me to stop flying around, I decided that I could do a "test" by answering to my contact with an online directory of Italian agents, and then expand on others.

Obviously, building a directory implies doing a direct marketing project- that I financed and followed, looking then to expand it.

I had eventually to leave Brussels, but nonetheless the website took a life of its own, and the most visited agents' profiles had more than 2000 visitors.

The directory will be updated soon, and probably extended, but for the time being I will share the material that is already online.

If you are already on that list, or know somebody that is on that list, and know that some of the information is obsolete, please contact me on any of the social networking profiles that are listed on the "Home" page (see menu at the left-hand side).

Are you willing to be added (as usual, for free) to the list? Keep in touch- the website will evolve (probably under my coordination but with the support of others), as soon as I will have relocated abroad and resumed my "settlement" plans from Brussels.