Why Theatralis.net? As a side-effect of my first (late 1990s) support to an online start-up merging arts and new media.

My idea was simple: create a community for Italian performing artists and assorted creatives, and I met on my road a couple of contacts in Turin who, coming from the PR part of an exhibition entity, wanted to set up a website with a slightly different target: art galleries.

To make a long story short: I did business and marketing plan, coaching on marketing and technology, plenty of other "backstage communication and marketing" work... but never saw a penny (or a share), so parted company from them (anyway, the website is there and alive and kicking also if under a new ownership, worth visiting for your contemporary art events).

With Theatralis.net in the early 2000s I returned to my original idea: an information website for those working in performing arts (in my view, including also actors and scriptwriters or directors)- not a business, just for fun (my business is something else).

When, few years later, an actor from abroad asked for names of artist agencies in Italy, I researched libraries, bookstores, etc... and was surprised by the lack of a coherent yet simple and straightforward list that contained just what asked, instead of trying to be everything to everybody.

Hence, this directory. Free, and build more than a decade ago by contacting each agency individually. Currently only for agencies based in Italy, and only in English, to support my foreign contacts that, mainly in Europe and USA, with few in Asia, work in performing arts

On May 16th 2018 started updating the contact information for agencies currently within the list- you can contact me on either Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin