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Published on 2014-07-20 | Updated on 2024-03-16 18:15:00 | words: 1091

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Welcome- this is were I share articles, posts, book and workshop/conferences reviews, and the page with links to additional material for each business book that I published since 2013 (more details on my business experience).

Main focus of this website: cultural/organizational change and digital transformation, with articles, reviews of books and workshops/webinars/software, links to my own books.

This is what you will find in each option contained within the menu:

main page
this page
section about my personal background and overview of ongoing activities
CV, profiling information, sample customer lists, current activities, roles of interest
_background library
link to my Librarything profile (partial library catalog, with book reviews)
section about sample products and services delivered, showing only those not for specific customers
the concept of this section, and what I mean with "portfolio"
_products available
coming soon
_products ongoing
coming soon
_books on change
books on change published since 2012
section with the search functions of this website
_most read
articles on this website, ranked by number of readers
_latest read
latest 20 read articles on this website, ranked by time
_inside articles
tag cloud to search within the articles
_inside books
tag cloud to search within the published books
section with webapps to search by tag cloud content posted by others
_ECB Speeches search
since November 2019, to search within media released from the ECB (updated weekly)
_AI ethics primer search
since July 2023, to search within the content of a selected bibliography on AI ethics (updated monthly)
section with the content of this website
the main purpose of this website
_:Business: rethinking
in this section, the business side
_:Society: EU-Italy-Turin
in this section, the social/political side
_:Citizen Audit
business number/information crunching skills applied to documents of common interest
_:Communication: Strumenti
a book on using social media for political and advocacy purposes, published in 2014, serialized
_:Glossary: Common sense
a different form of "positions papers" (with links to multimedia whenever relevant)
_books published/ongoing/reviews
in this subsection, both what I am writing, what I published, and my feed-back on some books that I read and can recommend
once in a while, some "milestones" in my writing planning and drafting
whenever I publish a book, I add a page; for GDPR and QuPlan, added also links to other material
a book that started as such in 2015, but eventually became a kind of "background excuse" to develop other concepts; I do not know yet if or ever will turn into a "normal" book- or I will simply keep spinning articles
as I worked since the 1980s across multiple industries, business domains, cultures, these mini-books started as a way to summarize some "focused ideas on a theme", to share before business activities as a common starting point- from 2003-2005 first, and 2013 on then, instead of being restricted to my prior business network, decided to share online (and also a paperbook, if you like)
suggested readings: I read a lot and continuously, but in this section I share only part of the books that I rate at least 3.5 out of 5
working in both cultural/organizational change and number crunching to support decision making for few decades, turns you also into an observer, developer, and storyteller of cultures (that I had before interested in archeology and cultural anthropolology, and some political negotiation experience, helped)
_elections, elections
collection of pages containing the articles about elections in Italy and Europe published since 2016
_organizational support concepts/tools
business and product concepts, both for research projects that I am working on, and shared as potential concepts, to allow all to use them (and nobody to patent, restrict, etc)
_Glossary: Common sense
a different form of "positions papers" (with links to multimedia whenever relevant)
section sharing data and concepts about data
data are everywhere- but access to data requires skills and competences; the aim of this section is to share concepts, datasets, and webapps to enable converting "open data" into information easy to access and reuse
a card for each key dataset (usually including also a search application)
_data items since 2019
full list of the datasets and associated analysis repositories released since 2019

If you want to contact me, please visit the CV page.