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Most recent update: 2022-02-20

Worked since 1986 in multinational environments, on management data-related, cultural / organizational change, project / programme / PMO / vendor management roles

About me: worked in multinational environments since the 1980s (main industries: automotive, banking, gas/logistics, outsourcing, retail - both on the customer and supplier side), in data-driven decision support since the 1980s, and in cultural/organizational change officially since 1990 (actually earlier- sample projects under "projects" on Linkedin), currently hold an Italian / EU passport (born in Turin, Italy)

Currently interested in PMO roles up to 2 years (negotiable) in multinational contexts - open to: permanent roles in organizational development for final customer companies

Main target industries: automotive, banking, logistics, retail; interested also in start-ups in those domains plus "data" (including smart cities etc); personal related interest: social and political impacts of digital transformation and UN SDGs (includinding, in Europe, NextGenerationEU and the digital+green transition)

Based outside Italy from late 1990s (London first, then Brussels), re-registered in Italy 2012

Main languages: business-fluent (also as negotiator) in English, French, Italian (mothertongue); various levels also in German (B1 active; B2/C1 passive depending on subjects), Spanish (B2/C1 passive, B1 spoken), Dutch (see CV for details); basics of Russian and Mandarin

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Video presentations on change: https://robertolofaro.com/ctr-channel

If you work in project, program, portfolio, product, change, service, vendor management, you are welcome to connect on PMI's ProjectManagement.com https://www.projectmanagement.com/profile/aleph123

If you are a recruiter, please do send me an email message or book a phone/videocall , do not send an invitation, as I add only recruiters I already worked with

For further information / meetings availability: robertolofaro.com/schedule
Professional skills:

CV (in English, updated as of 2021-12-24)
_2-pages CV (includes sample customers/employers by industry, publications, sample certifications)
sample projects under "projects" on Linkedin
List of OpenSAP certifications 2017-2021
List of Kaggle certifications 2020-2021

Career summary
_started working in 1986 as Mainframe Programmer, then also Business analyst (automotive and banking), first QC/QA/PMO/vendor control role in 1987 (banking), first Project Management activities in 1988, Senior Project Manager and Management Consultant since 1990, Negotiator and Account Manager since 1990, Program Manager since 1993 (cultural and organizational change)
_since 1990 two main lines: cultural/organizational change and data-related activities, working as Management Consultant, Partner, Account Manager, Negotiator, Project/Program Manager, PMO
_multinational/multicultural experience across industries mainly in English, French, Italian, working with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs since 1988, both for customers and service or product vendors
_used to work also remotely across timezones (as team member or manager/coordinator)
_mainly in Italy 1986-1997, based abroad from 1997, resumed full-time in Italy 2012

Profiling tests results
_2008-05-09 in French (banking role - management)
_2020-01-27 in Italian (banking role - data)
_2020-04-23 in English (cross-industry culture fit from CWJobs/Good&Co)
_2021-05-05 in English (update to check the impacts due to COVID-induced constraints and ensuing initiatives adopted, same source)

Social media presence

Sample experiences by industry (1986-2020)
_Automotive/Mobility CNH, SKF, FIAT 2002, IVECO, Magneti Marelli, FIAT 1986; other hw/sw
_Banking/Banking BPO Arcafondi, Cedacri, Banco Santander Finconsumo, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Crédit Agricole du Var,UK-based risk/ALM software companies, Federazione Toscana Casse Rurali ed Artigiane, Sanpaolo Invest, Sanpaolo
_Business software Brio, MIP, Applix, Retek, TM/1, Comshare/Arbor; support to other UK-based
_Gas and Logistics Sappi, DHL, Novogas/Liquigas, Intertransport, SAV; see also "Retail and related"
_Government Sviluppo Italia, Ministero dell'Interno, office work within the Italian Army
_Retail and related Filasport, EPA/Coop, Carrefour, Retek, Comshare, CEDIS Migliarini, GS, Autogrill
_Start-ups Watchbook/kanshu, TOHF, TheCruize, Teknemedia, others; support mainly in B F IT UK USA
_System integrators etc Sys-Tek, Reply (various business units), ClientFocus; CGI; Andersen/Coritel