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Published on 2023-03-13 | Updated on 2023-03-29 10:30:00 | words: 410

The 2024 European Parliament and Regional elections are for both the European Parliament and the Regional Government of Piedmont (there are other regional governments as well).

About this series:
_the series concept is described within the article EP2024Series_00 The tumbleweed of EU decision-making European Parliament elections
_each article will include both an introductory section (approximately 25%), and a news commentary (approximately 75%, but sometimes less, leaving space to addenda and announces)
_current plan is for a new article within this series every two weeks
_the introductory section will be released according to the schedule below, while the commentary might or might no be added, or shifted into an "in depth" article published later
_the current publishing plan is to then collect all the introductory sections and commentary (be it published with the introductory section or as a separate article) into yet another minibook added along with the case study on program management published online

As an additional "feature", from 2024-03-26 is available also a GitHub repository that will contain data and how-to-convert-data-into-visualizations for visualizations created to support the articles within the series

In the end, at the EU level, also if a single party where to obtain an absolute majority, a wider consensus would be needed to operate, as shown also during the mandate of the outgoing European Commission and European Parliament, to cope with a string of crises (COVID, Ukraine, energy):

This picture represents the four phases described within the series of articles, corresponding to a process that followed also whenever a new initiative was to be jointly defined:

The publishing plan outline:
_ 2024_week14 EP2024_001_preamble
_ 2024_week16 EP2024_002_preparing
_ 2024_week18 EP2024_003_policy
_ 2024_week20 EP2024_004_freedoms
_ 2024_week22 EP2024_005_lastcall
_ 2024_week24 EP2024_006_impacts
_ 2024_week26 EP2024_007_firstlights
_ 2024_week28 EP2024_008_dancing
_ 2024_week30 EP2024_009_bartering
_ 2024_week32 EP2024_010_preparing2
_ 2024_week34 EP2024_011_settling
_ 2024_week36 EP2024_012_spitzenkandidaten
_ 2024_week38 EP2024_013_incoming
_ 2024_week40 EP2024_014_next
_ 2024_week42 EP2024_015_onetwothree
_ 2024_week44 EP2024_016_halloween
_ 2024_week46 EP2024-017_endofthebeginning